Sunday, February 28, 2010

There is a QR (cure) for Cellulite

Cellulite is a persistent problem among many women. The ripping fat that gets deposited at your bum is called cellulite and is caused by the deposition of the fat cells in the epidermis. Cellulite is strictly genetics and hence whatever you do they are sure to return. In fact there is no permanent cure for cellulite. Often you will see fat people without cellulite and often many thin and slim figured girls have cellulite deposits at their bums. There are two ways to fight it one is the change in lifestyle and the other is the external surgery and hormone treatment. Food Habit: The first step you can take to reduce cellulite is to improve your lifestyle and cut down on the fatty junk food and alcohol consumption. In this way you will reduce the chance of more fat cells getting deposited at the tights. Fibre: Fibre is one of the cleansers of the body. They absorb harmful toxins and cleanse the whole system. They help in the circulation and improve skin texture which will help you to fight cellulite. Water: Drink more water to keep the skin hydrated. When the skin is hydrated it retains its elasticity and also the damage mechanism effect also becomes quite effective. This may in turn will help in the rippling effect of the skin. Exercise: Cardio vascular exercise is a must in order to burn out the fat cells. To target the particular bum region do a lot of leg presses, squats, jogging, walking also help in the reduction of cellulite to a long extent. Mesotherapy: It is another process of surgery to reduce cellulite by injecting a chemical solution in order to get rid of the fat bands. They may cause bruising and inflammation and is also not permanent. Hormone Therapy: Cellulite is directly influenced by the hormones like estrogen, insulin, prolactin etc. In certain cases hormone therapy may prove to be quite effective. Deep tissue massage works too. But you have to do it on a regular basis to keep cells moving and reducing it's storage. ( short cut to exercise in a way) Skin QR Organics offers a short cut to that (see picture) by offering a small device that can be operated with one hand and on any part of the body to provide that deep tissue ironing on daily basis. For more information click here.